Kite Party 2009 Latvia

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Record number of participants this year!

Wind God obviously loves Kite Party and also this year blessed with an appropriate weather to make it possible for the sheer number of participants to enjoy kite boarding, relaxation and taking part in competitions. Despite the unfavourable weather forecast, which expected rain, hail and even storm, not a single rain drop was seen in Venstpils on both competition days yet more Saturday was especially sunny.

Competition Burusports Kiteboarding Cup took place in such disciplines as marathon, free style and also kite loop. Latvian kiteboardist best achievements this year - 3rd place in free style discipline to Aleksandrs Ogorodņikovs, 3rd place in marathon discipline to Zigurds Penkulis and 2nd place in kite loop discipline to Gints Feņuks. Out of women kite boarders highest achievements worth mentioning is the 2nd place in marathon discipline that went to Ieva Strode. Congratulations, we are wholeheartedly proud of you! Overall, 127 kite boarders registered for the competition. Prize for winners is a week's accommodation in Dennis Beach Studio, in Rhodes, Greece, one of the most popular kite board destinations in the world.

Kite Party 2009 was attended by over 1000 people including kite boarders, their friends, supporters and spectators. Also this year, calling Kite Party the largest kite boarding event in the Baltics was justified and as arrived counterparts from Lithuanian and Estonian said - they admire and even envy Latvia in a positive way about such event.

"Within these five years Kite Party organized in Latvia has become the central and largest kite boarding event in the Baltics. I am pleased about the positive atmosphere and enthusiasm of members in this year's event. Kite boarding is not only a sport, it is a lifestyle of progressive people and it is always a pleasure to work and relax together with such people", says Lars Āboliņš, the author of the idea and organizer of Kite Party.

The Best Sunset BBQ on Friday evening that took place at the sea coarathonst and in a proper beach party spirit caused tremendous enthusiasm and a very positive atmosphere. Overall, the event was very successful and kite boarders are already preparing for next year's Kite Party.

Competition results:


Freestyle Kiteloop
1.Viktoras Seputa(Lithuania)    1.Viktoras Seputa(Lithuania)   
1.Viktoras Seputa(Lithuania)   
2.Arturas Gudauskas(Lithuania)
2.Povilas Vaisiauskas(Lithuania)
2.Gints Fenuks(Latvia)
3.Zigurds Penkulis(Latvia) 3.Aleksandrs Ogorodnikovs(Latvia)
3.Saulius Voludskis(Lithuania)
1.Kristina Kekyte(Lithuania)
1.Grazina Mataityte(Lithuania)
1.Kristina Kekyte(Lithuania)
2.Ieva Strode(Latvia) 2.Kristina Kekyte(Lithuania)
2.Grazina Mataityte(Lithuania)
3.Laima Baradaite(Lithuania)


Special thanks to everyone who attended, helped, raced and cheered for the participants.

Kite Party 2009 being supported by: Akvaparks Ventspils, Olimpiskais centrs Ventspils, Ventspils Dome, Tupla, Burusports, North Kiteboarding,,, Informs:, radio SWH, Zebra.


Meie küsimused peakorraldajale Larss Abolins'ile

What is the most important thing about organizeing „Kite Party"?

Love sport, be confident, feel the atmosphere and the people, have experience, have professional knowledge of working with sponsors
(I have organized F2 powerboat races in Riga, Riga Marathon, Baltic see crossing with windsurf, a couple of snowboarding events, 
and lot's more). Do good job communicating event. Be loyal to sport, partners, and teammates. Have good friends! :)) Be positive! Have a goal!

How many entrants did you have this year and where from?

The total for competition was about 87 on sight, comming from Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia, visitors ~ 1000.

Every year there are more and more people who paricipate in Kite Party, strong riders from Baltic states. Have you thought about
alter name of your event, for example „Ventspils Kite Party" or „Baltic Kite Party" ?

The name of the event is Kite Party and it will not stop by Ventspils or Baltic. It is a brand and will stay like this, of course
it is up to the main sponsor we could add it's name to the event, like last year we had Volkswagen Kite Party. Event already is
international, before we already had participants from Poland, UK, Irland, Spain, Belaruss and many other countries.

Thank you Larss and your team.
You make our kite life much interesting, altough crises and hard times.
Good luck.

Kohtunikeks oli rahvusvaheline meeskond kolmest riigist(Läti, Leedu, Eesti). Eestit esindas kohtunik Tarmo Klamp.

Leedu võistkond on võitmatu!! Meie riigi poolt osales võistlustel viis riderit. Rain Kont sai freestyleis neljanda koha ning tuli ühtlaselt ka Eesti parimaks.

Bravo Latvia!!!

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